Why Moxy

~ Add a Little Flair to Your Fitness ~

Cultivate not only your strength, but find flexibility, grace, elegance and sensuality.  

Integrate the body, mind & spirit (and all of that). 

Creative movement is a magical way to inspire reinvention.

Classes are kept small to provide cleanliness, safety and quality of experience. 

Regardless of your age or level of experience, we guarantee you will find joy in your style of dance!


 Perform or Compete ~ Share Your Moxy!

Take the stage in a group or solo performance in a Moxy showcase! 

Moxy offers opportunities to those who wish to perform and compete in these arts.

Not only is performance a fun, community experience, it is a great way to cultivate vast improvements in your abilities. 

Align Yourself ~ Quality over Quantity

Feel good in your body as you cultivate proper kinesiology fundamentals in your movement. Aligned and deliberate movement will aide in recovery of past injuries and improve longevity in your practice. Training and education for our instructors is important.


Questions? Call, email or visit our physical space to find out more information or to get signed up!

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