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Mavens & Mavericks of Moxy

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Angela Nelson

Angela Nelson

Owner of The Moxy Movement - Pole & MoXXXy Instructor

As far back as I can remember, I have had a deep love for dance and movement. Some of my earliest memories were of creatively moving my body. I love performance, stories and the stage. I fascinated with the human body, and am continually awed with its capabilities and capacities to transform and support us. 

Through my experience of many years in dance, gymnastics, pole fitness and massage therapy, I have embraced that there is truly no separation between mind/body/heart. I fully accept the ability for movement to heal, reveal, transform and inspire anew - at any moment for anyone!


It wasn't until discovering pole dancing several years ago that I was able to cultivate acceptance and love of self.  It is a space for me to fully express myself and speak truth through movement. Exploring the sensual, feminine and graceful side of movement and pole dance, and the expression these attributes is what I want everyone to discover and experience. 

I have participated in various performances and professional competitions, locally and nationally, and remain excited to continue in my participation of these. I have the title of U.S. Aerial Female Pole Champion, 2016 - a beautiful international competition held in New York City. 

My passion lies within helping others discover and cultivate their unique story through movement. Individuality is so embraced within pole dancing and aerial, and I believe everyone is exquisitely gifted in a certain attribute, and there is space for everything! Within dance is a place for a person to find their own artistic and physical strengths and gifts. It is my intention to share in this joy, continually redefine the meaning of art and strength in this arena, and to help you find what moves you.

DSC_1998 Courtney.jpg

Courtney Stevens

Aerial Hammock & Flexibility Instructor

Courtney Stevens is a professional aerialist located in Salt Lake City, UT. Her background consists of 8 years of gymnastics, 10 years of ballroom dance, 5 years of aerial arts, as well as experience in basic ballet, burlesque, and contortion.

Over the years, she has developed her stylistic approach focusing on flexibility, fluidity, and power moves. Her specialty is Aerial Silks, but also has experience in Lyra, Duo, Specialty, Chair, and more. Her passion resides in teaching, and thrives on opportunities to help students conquer their goals. She also owns her own circus themed apparel company, Courtney Stevens Apparel.

DSC_1347 Cambria.jpg

Cambria Delee

Lyra Instructor

I always dreamed of being a circus performer, but was under the impression that you had to have been born into it. I was also an awkward, scrawny kid, so I never imagined that I could be a dancer or a gymnast. I tried gymnastics as a child but didn’t feel welcome at the gym, so I focused on art and music until after college when I joined a capoeira group. I trained and performed with them for three years and realized that I really loved to dance. I knew that capoeira wasn’t the right fit for me, but didn’t know what else to do as an adult who wanted to become a dancer. 


In 2009 when I lived in Kansas City I went to a performance by a local aerial dance troupe named Quixotic. The friend I went with informed me that there was someone teaching silks at the gym she went to. I signed up for classes that night, and never looked back. I trained and performed silks for two years in Kansas City before moving to Nashville where I trained and performed silks and trapeze. Two years after that I moved to Salt Lake where I have been primarily training and performing on silks, trapeze and lyra. I went to the Born to Fly teacher training a little over a year ago, and have been teaching silks and lyra ever since. I love sharing the joy that aerial has brought me. It’s the best feeling to see a student realize that they’ve found their new home. 

Emilee Valken.jpg

Emilee Valken

Pole Instructor

As an adult, I found it can be hard to start dancing without having a lot of past experience.  I love that the aerial community fights that and is so open and accepting of anyone who walks through the door.  I started pole dancing 5 years ago with very little dance experience, but I felt supported and grew quickly into the aerial world I'm now so passionate for.  I strive to create that same space for my students. I want them to feel safe, strong, and confident in their own bodies.  My experience teaching yoga has taught me a lot about mindfulness and body awareness and I'm excited to share that in my classes as my students learn and grow. I'm also an active pole competitor and love the creativity behind choreography and how much growth I can see between each routine I put on stage. If you are excited to grow in your own pole journey, I'll see you in class! 

DSC_1740 Eva.jpg

Eva Lopez

Pole Instructor

As someone passionate about dance and movement practices, I always find it challenging to define or describe the incredible importance of dance and movement because of the infinite possibilities. I feel that practices of dance and movement can be felt as a form of empowerment, a means to exercise wisdom, and mode of transmitting knowledge and making connections to self and others through corporeal and cognitive experiences.

As a life-long practitioner of Native American Powwow dance and practitioner of multiple dance styles, dance has undeniably been embedded in my daily life and has been a continued life commitment of mine. I hold a BFA in Dance with a Modern emphasis, and received training in Bartinieff Fundamentals, kinesiology, pedagogy, ballet, modern, samba and Orixa dance, all of which have expanded and influenced my dance and teaching methodological approaches. My passion and experiences in dance led me to my pursuit of working toward my PhD in Critical Dance Studies of which I am now in my third year of the program.

When I began my pole journey five years ago, I only knew and forced myself to know the practice to be more on the side of sport/gymnastics, and I disengaged from the expressive and sensual side possibilities in pole. Over time with coming to know myself in pole practice and given many different experiences, pole dance had activated something within me, helping me to realize and overcome my vulnerabilities and dance fearlessly. I believe in the practice of pole dance and its ability to help individuals discover their strengths and overcome their vulnerabilities, and I am ever so grateful to openly participate and teach in a practice where I can continue to make connections in myself and exchange experiences and knowledge with others.

As an instructor, I see teaching as an honorable and crucial responsibility with much weight, and I aim to facilitate and create a safe environment where people of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, and realnesses can make meaningful connections to themselves and the bodies around them while dancing fearlessly and expressing their own individuality. I am so excited and look forward to sharing dance experiences and getting to know you!

With much love and gratitude,



Jenae Ridge

Yoga Instructor

A gymnast and dancer at four and a cheerleader by eight, Jenae has always loved to dance, move, play, and go upside down! In 2009, she wandered into her first yoga class where she connected again to her love for challenge, strength, and play. In 2012, she began taking classes in Circus Arts including AcroYoga, Slik Hammocks, and Trapeze. 

Today, Jenae looks to inspire people through divine play. "So often we focus on progress, but I believe all of life should be a balance between effort and ease, progress and play, all while we connect with our breath, body, spirit, and community."


Jenny Cohen

Dance Conditioning and Performance Technique Instructor

Bio coming soon! 

DSC_1462 Jessica.jpg

Jessica Hartle

Lyra Instructor

Jessica Hartle has 14 years of dance experience with 8 years focusing on circus arts. Specializing in dynamic movement and cohesive transitions used in aerial performances, Jessica loves to encourage others to be able to fall in love with movement every time they dance.

She is an avid performer, and can be seen around town sharing her talents and passions! She is an active advocate for charities and other causes, and utilizes her talents to bring awareness and support to important causes in the community. 

DSC_2977 Joy.jpg

Joy Hansen

Pole Instructor

I strongly believe in reigniting the innate brilliance within one's self.

One of the major ways that helped me reignite my own innate brilliance was getting into the aerial world! My first pole class was actually quite horrible: I got hurt, neglected, dizzy beyond control, and emotionally distressed. With that said, it is one of the experiences that drives me to be the best pole dance instructor that I can possibly be. I can’t imagine where I would be today if that first class had deterred me away from pole dancing.

Coming from 6 years of Karate, I didn’t understand feminine movement. It was all straight lines and masculine energy. After becoming a mom in 2009 and feeling like I needed something to feel beautiful and feminine again, I explored many forms of fitness.

Since starting pole dance in 2015, I’ve been certified in Xpert and elevatED. With a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science and as an intuitive lightworker, I’m continuously looking for ways to make each class not only physically engaging but mentally and emotionally uplifting!

Basically, I’m here to help each and every one of my students reignite their own innate brilliance; To give women permission to shine their light, work their magic and bring about positive change in the world within a safe, loving and empowering environment. If you are ready to start expressing your authentic self, love your body, and own your truth - come join a class!

DSC_1596 Lissy.jpg

Lissy Largin

Dance Conditioning Instructor

Lissy is from southeastern Indiana. As a child, she studied ballet, tap and jazz. She now dances salsa, bachata, and aerial pole.

Her day job is business, but dance is her lifelong companion.

Despite career, injuries, moving around the world and general life busy-ness, dance always comes back to her and feels like home.

She loves sharing what she's learned with others. "Besides," she says, "dance is cheaper than therapy and good for the body!" 

DSC_1263 Meg.jpg

Meg Hinds

Belly Dance & Yoga Instructor

I have been studying Belly dance and yoga for almost 20 years now. Belly dance is one of the most personal movements you can create. It's a personal expression, and the audience for middle eastern dance doesn't want you to hide, to pretend to be perfect, they just want to see you, all of you and how the music guides your perfect body.

My hope is to spread the knowledge of how to use this elegant and ancient dance form to reach your innermost beauty and love. To learn the movements passed down over time and utilize their effect to open channels of communication, to yourself and others.

Belly dance is mesmerizing, fun, frustrating, it's silky smooth, gritty, elegant, and awkward. I am looking forward to exploring what it manifests itself to be with all of you in the mix.


Nika Belova

Lyra Instructor

Bio Coming Soon!

DSC_1121 Nikkita.jpg

Nikkita Saulnier

Lyra Instructor

When I think about my life before aerial, it feels like a stranger’s memory. I had absolutely no dancing experience and was in terrible health. Then, in November of 2014, I was invited to a pole class and my aerial journey began! It was insanely challenging and pretty close to the craziest thing I had ever tried, but I knew almost right away that it was what was missing from my life. My first adventure was Pole, but it was love at first sight when I started taking Lyra classes from none other than Sarah Child! Lyra became my obsession and, less than a few months after my first Lyra classes, I was already performing and training to be the best lyra lady I could be.

Aerial has given my life so much love and strength and my goal as an instructor is to give you a safe and encouraging place to find the love and strength within yourself. I am here to celebrate your every victory and here to lift you up (sometimes literally) when you need the extra push. Most importantly, I am here to grow and learn with you.

Sarah Child

Co-Founder of Moxy, Lyra, Floor Flow & MoXXXy Instructor

I've danced my way throughout this life. I believe that movement is life and strive to bend my body creatively each day. I began my professional dance training as a freshman in college after falling in love with the storytelling style of Modern Dance. I earned a Dance Minor and group fitness certification through Eastern Kentucky University in 2008 and taught dance and gymnastics to children at The Little Gym after graduation. I also received my Bachelors of Science in Occupational Science, which provides me with extensive knowledge in anatomy, kinesiology, injury prevention, and movement modifications.

In 2010, I sustained a spinal cord injury, putting a momentary pause on my dance career. Thankfully, aerial arts and pole fitness reopened the door to dance and movement for me in 2012, an unexpected gift which I will be forever grateful for. After completely immersing myself in the aerial world, I began teaching pole and aerial dance at Onyx Pole and Aerial Fitness in Sandy, Utah. During the summer of 2015, I made good on a promise to obtain my 200-HR yoga teacher training through Yoga Assets, under the guidance of Denise Druce.

I have gained an indescribable amount of physical, spiritual, emotional and personal strength through these art forms. As an instructor I aim to pay-forward all of the inspiration and empowerment of those who came before me. I will encourage the individuals who walk into my classes to leave fear behind them so they can move forward with power and grace; so they too can reach a place of unconditional acceptance, wonder and love for what their bodies can do. With the help of the fabulous instructors at The Moxy Movement, I will push myself to be a role model for our community and do whatever it takes to provide the safest and most encouraging classes in the dance, circus, yoga and aerial industries.


Shari Bringhurst

Yoga Instructor

"You are not separate from the whole.

You are one with the sun, the earth, the air.

You don't have a life. You are life."

I have always had a strong instinct for creative flow through movement with my body. I believe our physical bodies are a true gift and should be used to their full potential while we have them.

In the practice of yoga, yes, we strengthen our physical bodies; but more substantially, when enduring the trials we face in life, yoga provides a sacred space to move through emotional pain and creates a centered structure to calm the mind, foster patience, and ignite compassion.

I'm inspired to lead a meaningful yoga practice. I feel we are all one and we connect on deep levels. I want to be able to share with you what has helped me so much over the last 8 years.

DSC_2227 Shaylee.jpg

Shaylee Cram

Pole Instructor

I love Pole Dancing because it is the only sport that made me feel empowered, beautiful and proud of my body. I fell in love with Pole, and then completely changed my life to revolve around it. I regained strength I had lost over the years and found new strength I never knew I had.

Combined with my years of Dance, martial arts, and visual communication (including but not limited to: fashion design/illustration, color theory and life coaching), I love to perform and stretch my personal box to see how honest and free I can get. I believe in infusing fun, sensuality and soul into the hard work and dedication it takes to do this wonderful sport. I love that every “body” can do it, and the support you find within the pole community. I love watching those around me work hard and grow.

I am here to support you in whatever you want to do, especially if it involves finding your authentic expression, sensuality, freedom, and strength. I always strive to create a safe place to learn, grow and express. I am always proud of my bruises that show how hard I’ve been working and I want you to be, too.  We all have a pole superpower and I can’t wait to find out what yours is!

DSC_1571 Somer.jpg

Somer Ahonen

Pole Instructor

I have been a pole instructor for over 7 years.  I love teaching others how to build strength and technique to enhance unique individual expression. I love everything about pole and the movement around it. The challenge drives me and no mater anyone’s skill level we are constantly evolving.  


I truly believe there is something for everyone to find when they explore this apparatus.

DSC_1847 Wendy(crop).jpg

Wendy Bernard Gooch

Belly Dance Instructor

“Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.”

Erol Ozan

I have always loved dancing and creative self-expression. Officially, I have been belly dancing for 16+ years. I continue to participate in courses, classes, and dance intensives to expand my knowledge, understanding, appreciation, and skill in dance, which I eagerly anticipate passing on to fellow dancers and students.

I completely believe in movement, individual artistic expression, hard work, pushing on boundaries until those boundaries expand, and education. Curiosity, play, self-exploration, freedom of all expression through movements, and personal growth: this is what I am aiming to convey in the movement and dance classes. I want to encourage everyone who engages in classes to have fun and to fully accept yourself for all your incredible gifts. I welcome so-called mistakes - those are actually growth opportunities - best accompanied by laughter.

ATS (American Tribal Style ®) certified instructor and enthusiastic collector of movements.

See you in class!


Ken & Cassie Lopez-Maynard

Partner Acrobatic Workshop Instructors

Cassie Lopez-Maynard

Cassie has been studying partner and social dances for 20 years. She got her start in the social swing dances of Rockabilly, and Lindy Hop. Since then she has studied Latin Ballroom, Salsa, and West Coast Swing. Cassie became a 200 hr Certified Yoga Instructor in 2008 and has taught classes, workshops, and teacher trainings all over the valley, in online workshops, and in other states. She has also served as a yoga adviser for the FOX TV show Sleepy Hollow. Partner and aerial acrobatics are her latest passions and she shares that with her husband Ken. 


Ken Lopez-Maynard

Ken has been doing Pole and Lyra for about 6 years. Ken moved into partner acrobatics 4 years ago. He has done numerous performances on lyra, pole, and acrobatic dance. All of his performances incorporate Partner Acrobatics. Ken is truly happy teaching and helping people progress so that they can unlock the potential they have inside of them.