But wait, I have some questions!

~ Do I need to have good upper body strength, fitness or movement experience before I get started? 


No! In fact, we love that attending these classes is the perfect way to cultivate that coveted upper body strength. 

Our classes are catered for any beginning mover to excel.

~ If I have past injuries or other physical limitations, will these classes still be accessible? 


Yes! We pride ourselves on being creative with our fitness & movement - we perceive that obstacles or limitations are just points of creativity, looking to evolve. Our knowledgeable instructors are happy to assist in cultivating adjustments to support the accessibility of all participants. 

~ What should I wear? 


We want you to feel comfortable, safe and encourage you to express yourself. These are our following guidelines for dress, and feel free to make them your own:

Pole - Recommended short, tight-fitting short shorts with longer pants/leggings on top.

If you are not excited about the short shorts - it's alright - feel free to wear pants or longer shorts. The reasoning for shorts is because to climb, sit and perform other skills and tricks, your skin contact is necessary to stick to the pole.

*However, PANTS for poles exist and provide a way to stick!  

Lyra - Be sure to wear long, tight fitting leggings.

MoXXXy & other Dance - pants, leg warmers or knee pads are recommended. 

~ What is the age requirement? 

Our classes are catered towards adults, and accept ages 15+. *MoXXXy is our only 18+ class. 


Have more questions? Call, email or visit our physical space to find out more information.

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