Dance / Yoga / Flexibility

Active Flexibility 

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Dance and aerial arts require attention to physical strength as well as flexibility in the body. The techniques taught here support safety in progressions, to improve and grow your capacity to stretch your body safely! 


The keys to improve flexibility are consistency in practice and patience. Whether you’re new to practice or experienced and want to grow more, this is a place to do so!


Tuesdays @10:30 am

Thursdays @8 pm


Vinyasa Yoga Flow 


Get your energy moving and your body feeling GOOOOD!

The first half of this class will include traditional Power Yoga - a full body & core workout to build strength, get your heartrate up, to feel alive and build your internal heat!
The remainder of class will include slower, fluid, feminine flow meant to ensure mobility in your spine & hips while relaxing and stretching those rigid, tight places.

All levels are welcome! Join us and feel your ooey-gooey goodness!

Wednesdays @ 5:30 pm


Belly Dancing

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Some of the greatest gifts begin in the belly, so let’s learn how to move it! You'll have so much fun as you learn the fundamental movements of this exciting and intoxicating dance style. Technique will be learned through drills, as well as combinations of movements to learn flow and continuity.


Yoga and dance influenced warm ups and cool downs. As you advance you will start adding more layers and level of movement! You will LOVE your elegance and grace learned in this class! 



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"Sexy" is not what you do, it is how you do it!" ~


We hope to put some rosie in those cheeks, and dare you to shine!


This class is carefully designed for you to re-awaken and express your uniqueness of movement through sensual, feminine and natural movement and dance.

Promoteing mind/body/heart connection and expression, each class will have an intentional musical piece, with choreography, guided movement and freestyle elements blended. Containing “Exotic” elements of dance, it is a safe place to explore what “sexy” or “sensual” movement means and feels like. A private room, dimly lit with loud music sets the scene. Pole, floor and chair work may be explored.


Let your hair down, and wear the red lipstick if you’d like. All levels of experience are welcome, and those with dance experience will gain a deeper richness within their art.


Ages 18 + for this class.

Tuesdays @ 8 pm


Yoga for Pole Dancers/ Aerialists


This class welcomes every body to the world of movement, and provides you foundational support. 


Discover how to move from one yoga pose to the next with grace, ease and control, almost as if dancing. Build strength as you safely progress towards inversions (handstands, forearm balances, headstands etc.).


This class will supply you with conditioning, stretching & techniques that will carry over into your other movement modalities on the pole or lyra!


Heels & Sensual Flow: Beginning 


“There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them”- Vicki Baum

This FUNdamental Heels class focuses on getting your ankles strong, aligned and to start you off on the right Heel. Discover playful techniques & prompts for finding your sensuality.

Each class will be focused on foot and ankle strengthening, awareness exercises, movement vocabulary and guided exploration. Enjoy being elevated, figuratively & literally! Pole, Wall & Floorwork moves will be explored.

Welcome those of all levels, and although content is largely geared to movement in "Pleaser" Heels, you may try class in different types of heels, and you may participate in class with no heel!


*** Your Heels MUST be passed off by the Instructor - heel must provide stable connection with your foot/ankle, and we recommend a boot style to start. 

Tuesdays @ 6:45 pm


Heels & Sensual Flow - Intermediate

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Heels & Flow focuses on techniques for grooving in HEELS! This class is ideal for dancers with some pole dance or other heels experience. 


You'll find grace as you explore your movement/dance through the use of prompts. Each class will be focused on foot and ankle strengthening, awareness exercises, movement vocabulary and guided exploration.

Welcoming to all levels, and although it is specifically geared towards movement in "Pleaser"/"Platform" Heels, you may try class in different types of heels or NO heels at all! ***Make sure heels fit tightly, with straps around your foot and a smooth sole.***