The Moxy Scholarship Program

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The Moxy Scholarship Program empowers aspiring aerialists & dancers to pursue their education & exploration in aerial arts & dance, through supporting their tuition for class attendance, coaching and community,

while providing help for competitions & performances.


This year has been a toughie - for individuals and families.


Our goal is to make inspired, aligned movement more accessible -

and easy for those in our community to support each other.


This program is just starting, and we NEED YOUR HELP!


Whether a small or large donation - all funds received will go directly to covering tuition costs for qualifying participants of the program. 


Anyone interested in participating in classes at Moxy - 

whether current Members or new to Moxy is welcome to apply.


Moxy has a generous community, and we appreciate how small efforts amount to a lot when added together.


Show your support to a wonderful cause & community!

 We appreciate your donation to support those
with the call to dance.

Make your donation recurring monthly,
or one-time transaction.

If you're interested in participating
in the program, or to find out more,
please fill out
We will follow up as soon as possible.

The Moxy Scholarship Program is currently not 501c3,

however we look forward to incorporating this element in 2022.


Meet our Members

Emily E.
Emily is a full time student at the University of Utah. She has been studying aerial & pole since she was 14. Her dedication and work ethic is unparalled and inspires everyone around her! She loves performing and shines through with such vivid story and artistry. 

"I'm infinitely grateful to Angela and the other instructors at The Moxy Movement for making it possible for me to attend classes. Over the past four years, my strength and skills in the air have improved beyond what I ever dreamed possible. The Moxy community has provided me with constant support for my endeavors both in and outside the studio. From encouraging me to perform and compete to always being willing to talk openly about and offer advice on life, the instructors at Moxy have inspired me grow as both an aerialist and person. Moxy has instilled in me a profound respect for the sense of joy and wonder which movement create. I will cherish the lessons I have learned and the memories I have made at Moxy for the rest of my life."

Please email with questions.