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Yoga & Belly Dance Technique - VIRTUAL

All levels welcome! Play with mindfully moving through yoga postures and movements from belly dance.


This movement blend comes together to help you not only condition your body for flexibility and stamina, but to better remain calm when in stressful situations. You'll discover how to keep your intention in your movement while also challenging yourself with new technique and movement vocabulary. Breathe new life into your other performance & movement skills. This is training, is perhaps the most important kind; training yourself to be fully focused with your purpose while holding space for yourself, your technique and the gaze of others. 


Wednesdays & Fridays at 12 PM. 


Yang Energizing Yoga - VIRTUAL

Wake up and get your energy moving! 

This class welcomes every body to the world of movement. You will discover the benefits of yoga, basic and accessible yoga asanas (postures), yogic breathing techniques and the art of relaxation. Come to this class prepared to learn how to move from one yoga pose to the next with grace, ease and control, almost as if dancing.


Breathe Life into your movement and awaken your energy, strength and flexibility!



Tuesdays @ 9:30 AM 

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Power Yoga 

~ Will be coming back to our regular schedule soon! ~ 

Beginners and advanced practitioners alike will learn how to safely & efficiently build strength, balance, flexibility and cultivate their inversions (handstands, forearm balances etc). Enjoy a thorough warm-up, move through several conditioning flows and end with a flexibility increasing cool down.

This method encourages you to embody your movements while working on strength and getting comfortable with being upside down. This class will supply you with practical conditioning, stretching, and progressions that you can carry over into your other movement modalities and even improve your everyday life! 

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Core TLC for Dance (Tone Lengthen Condition)

~ Will be coming back to our regular schedule soon! ~ 

All levels welcome to this 30 minute class! Great for people on the go - get a quick full body workout and improve our posture, balance and flexibility. Tone and strengthen your core, your abdominal and back muscles! 

Utilizing a combination of calisthenics (body weight exercises), yoga techniques and strengthening exercises, you'll finish this good workout off with muscle lengthening stretches.