About Us

mox·ie: a force of character, determination, or nerve; 

the ability to be active.

~ Connection Through Movement ~

The Moxy Movement was established in 2016 by Angela Nelson & Sarah Child;

2 gals who became fast friends through sharing their love of dance, aerial, pole, yoga

and the teaching of these arts.

No doubt they knew the potential that these practices

held in positive alchemy.


Through their personal experience and passion, the ideals of boldness, elegance, perseverance, grace & creativity that Moxy was born.

TMM embraces her diverse community of Instructors and Members;

exploring and sharing in various modalities of dance and movement.

We strive to evolve and cultivate the best classes and platforms we can,

and we enjoy the creativity of our community through our fun & unique

Showcases and Events!

We embrace that the only constant is change -

and through movement we are flexible, vibrant and inspired!


~ Move and discover your gifts. ~

Discover your own moxie, Darling!  

Meet our Moxy Mavens!

© 2020 by The Moxy Movement, LLC.

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