About Moxy


moxy/moxie, noun Slang.

- courageous spirit, determination, or nerve;

the ability to be active.

~ Connection Through Movement ~

Find clarity through the chaos - ease through alignment. Connect to yourself and shine your confidence -

all while making new friends in a supportive community. 

A good place to start is any regular class, Showcase or Workshop!

The only constant is change - so stay flexible, vibrant and inspired!


 ~ Perform or Compete ~ Share Your Moxy 

Moxy provides opportunities to perform & offers support to those participating in competitions.

Not only is performance fun- you can perform solo or with a group.

You will vastly refine your abilities through this experience! 

Take the stage in a Showcase!


~ Add a Little Flair to Your Fitness ~

Not like one piece of flair, but like 50 pieces of flair! 

Get more fitness, sassiness & confidence in the way you move through the world. 

~ Quality over Quantity ~

Certification and continued training / education are important to our Instructors. 

Classes are kept small to provide cleanliness, safety and quality of experience.

Be empowered through understanding proper alignment in your body,

improve longevity & recover past injuries.

~ Move and discover your gifts. ~

Discover your own moxie, Darling!  

Meet our Moxy Mavens!

~ Moxy Beginnings ~

Moxy is located inside of an old,

enchanting school building.


This place has ghosts -

& has served as many things to many people. 


Sometimes we hear her stories.