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Pole Dance & Technique

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Pole Technique 1

This is the starting place to discover the fun and rewarding world of pole dance!  You will learn fundamental training on pole dance, strength, skills and techniques. No previous experience in dance or movement is required, and this class is accessible to every body, age and level of experience! We recommend taking this class 4 - 6 times to be ready to rock on to Level 2! 


What to wear – sports bra with tank top/t-shirt and tight fitting short shorts. Feel free to layer pants on top. Please leave jewelry home – rings/wrist jewelry are not permitted on the poles. Last but not least, bring water, and a friend!


*Tip – please refrain from applying lotion or oil to your skin prior to class.

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Pole Technique 2

Take your new moves to the next level! You will play with combinations of movements, spins and choreography, while gaining more strength and endurance as the conditioning gets cranked up a notch! 

*Needed Skills: Prerequisite: Pole 1, or ability properly execute: 

-DIp & Fireman Spins

-Pole Sit

-1 Climb 

-Properly positioned walks around the pole

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Pole Technique 3: Inverts & Conditioning

You will gain some serious moxie and muscle in this class! You will understand how to properly move yourself upside down on the pole. Conditioning, progressional skill practice and inverting skills / tricks will be the focus of this class.

*Needed Skills: Prerequisite Level 2, or ability to properly execute: 

-Climb to top of pole with controlled descent 

-Dip, Fireman, Sundial (attitude) and Chair spins 

-Pole Sits with variations 

-Strong forearm stands or handstands

DSC_1520 Somer.jpg

Pole Technique 3 & 4

In this combined levels class you will cultivate your inverts! Take these inversions to the next level with more advanced skill practice as further progressions. Explore these movements in combination and discover more artistry and uniqueness in your movement. 

*Prerequisite Pole 2, or ability to properly execute: 

-Climb to the top of the pole with controlled descent

-Dip, Fireman, Sundial (attitude) and Chair spins 

-Pole Sits with variations 

-Strong forearm stands or handstands

DSC_2723 Angela.jpg

Pole Dance Choreography 

This is a lovely place to play with choreography and dance, with and around the pole. A heartfelt choreography to a specific song will be presented as well as freestyle opportunities. With less conditioning focus and more heart centered movement - practice your unique dance and flow between movements with us!

*Prerequisite Pole 1*