Private Parties



We would love to celebrate your wedding, birthday or a fun night out with you and your friends! 

Our parties use dance to discover your playful

or seductive style, in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.


Any style party will excite all levels of movers

and shakers!

Your party lasts for 90 minutes and can be customized to fit your group's personality!


We offer Pole, Lyra (Aerial Hoop), Burlesque,

Belly Dance & Chair Dance. 

To get your party on the books, a $75 non-refundable deposit is required; this fee will cover two

of your party participants!

*A minimum of 4 participants is needed *

to book your party.

After the deposit, each additional participant

is $25 at the door. 


The more the merrier! 

* Please Note - due to Pandemic Mandates & to maintain a safe atmosphere, the overall number participants will effect which apparatuses may be utilized. Please call/email to find out more!

* Tipping your Instructor is not expected, but appreciated for a stellar experience. *

Party Options

*Please note, any 2 of these styles may be combined together*

EXCEPT the Pole and Lyra together.

Pole Dance

Playful Pole: Learn a few basic pole tricks and spins, then combine them in a customized routine. You and your crew will be getting playful and slightly sassy in this fun party.

Seductive Pole: Take a spin on the wild side! You will learn basic pole tricks and spins while tapping into your sensual essence. This party is sure to put some rosie in your cheeks! 

Chair Dance

Playful Chair Dance: Learn a playful and sassy routine with an apparatus found almost anywhere! This party is great for the bride to be in your life. Please, try this at home.

Seductive Chair Dance: Discover your inner sensual god or goddess with a suggestive chair dance routine! You'll never look at a chair the same way again!


Playful Burlesque: Learn the art of the tease! With your burlesque party, you will learn some fun, basic burlesque movements, laughing along the way with your friends. Play with a customized routine with your new skills! The playful option with any apparatus is a wonderful choice for a more conservative style. Tease me, please!

Belly Dance

Some of the best things begin in the belly! Gather your tribe to learn this ancient and beautiful movement style. Share the gifts of the belly as you shake and shimmy the night away.

Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Playful Lyra: Learn basic Lyra tricks and spins with the option of combining these in a short routine. You and your crew will be getting playful and slightly sassy in this fun party.


Seductive Lyra: Let your sensual side take flight! You will learn basic Lyra tricks and spins while tapping into your sensual essence. This class is sure to set your soul on fire.

Questions for us, Darling? Give us a call or text at 801.999.8630

or email us at

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