~ "What should I wear & bring to class?" ~

Please bring socks, water & Yoga mat (if you have one). Leave rings/jewelry at home. 


Dress to feel comfortable in movement, and you're encouraged to express yourself.

Layering is good; these are guidelines for dress, feel free to make it your own:


- Recommended tight, high shorts with longer pants/leggings on top.

In order to climb, sit and perform other skills and tricks,  skin contact is necessary to GRIP THE POLE.

*PANTS for poles do exist and provide a way to really stick!  


- Be sure to wear long, tight fitting leggings.

MoXXXy & Dance:

- Pants, socks, leg warmers / knee pads are recommended. 

~ "Do I need to have good upper body strength, fitness or

movement experience before I get started?" ~

No! In fact, attending classes is the perfect way to cultivate that upper body (& overall) strength. 

Our classes are designed for beginning & experienced movers to excel.

~ "If I have past injuries or other physical limitations,

will classes still be accessible?" ~

Yes! We are creative with our fitness -

& aim to view obstacles or limitations as points of creativity, looking to evolve.

Our knowledgeable Instructors are happy to assist in cultivating adjustments

or modifications to support the accessibility & success of all participants.



Friday April 22 8 PM.


Perform or watch! All proceeds go to the Moxy Sponsorship Program.


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