Professional Performers

Available for Hire

Are you planning a special Event or party and are looking for just the thing to RAZZLE & DAZZLE your guests?

Sit back and enjoy The Moxy Movement's professional performers!

Offering years of experience in professional entertainment in

Pole Dance, Lyra, Belly Dance, Burlesque & MORE!

Bring Moxy Magic to your party through ambiance or main stage performances!

We'd love to help make your event be one to remember!

Pricing varies depending on hours, location, apparatuses & styles.

Please call 801-999-8630 or email to learn more.

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Video Library

The Moxy Movement is located inside an old Jr. High school. Amidst the dust and grit, we began dancing. 

We hope you can visit us and

see how far our lovely space

has come! 

~ 2016 ~


Just when you are having so

much fun, 

Dancing and singing the night away - 


When he comes to kill!

Performance @ 

An October's Eve 2016

"This experience is very special to me. This music is timeless, beautiful and poetic. It's some of my favorite music to move to, and it safe to say it has inspired me in understanding how to move my body from a more genuine, innate place. This video is a dream way to share my passion and studio in such a special collaboration."

~Angela Nelson