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MOVEMENT is the MAGIC that keeps us INSPIRED.

Liability Notice

As with all exercise programs, while utilizing our exercise videos & live streaming, please use common sense.  

To reduce and avoid injury, you will want to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program.  By performing any fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk. and The Moxy Movement, LLC will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our fitness program, DVD, online fitness videos or information shared on our website, Including emails, videos and text.  Thank you for your understanding.

*ONLINE classes are color coded VIOLET.


Acro Chair - ONLINE


Yes, we do recommend you try this one at home!! Here you will play with Chair specific conditioning for strength, elegant poses, balanced transitions/combos and unique choreography. Variations will be presented for participation for all at a comfortable level. Discover this fabulous new apparatus!

Active Flexibility ONLINE.jpg

Active Flexibility - ONLINE

Active flexibility is a class dedicated to influence the rehabilitation of your joints and muscles, with goals to enhance overall flexibility in a healthy and safe practice for all levels. It utilizes movement and strength exercises to create optimum conditions for improved flexibility. This class will cycle through all areas of the body, with emphasis on proper alignment and building healthy stretching habits. It is encouraged to buy a yoga mat, blocks, and a strap to assist in various exercises and stretches and please stay hydrated prior, during and after class.


Belly Dance - ONLINE

The greatest gifts begin in the belly, so let's learn how to move it! You will discover this intoxicating style that will cultivate awareness, grace and control in your movement. All levels welcome - layering movements will be presented to take your dance to the next level!

Conditioning for Aerial Apparatuses ONLI

Conditioning for Aerial Apparatuses - ONLINE

No apparatus at home, Darling? NO PROBLEM! Join us for focused workouts designed to better strengthen and maintain your Aerial skills; such as general strength, flexibility and conditioning. No apparatus required, and ALL LEVELS WELCOME. The next time you see your apparatus... IT BETTER BE READY!

Engergizing Yoga ONLINE.jpg

Engergizing Yoga - ONLINE

Wake up and get your energy moving!! You will discover the benefits of yoga; increased energy, strength and balance cultivated through basic and accessible yoga asanas (postures), yogic breathing techniques and the art of relaxation. Find your grace and ease in your movement, as move from one yoga pose to the next, almost as if dancing. This class will awaken your energy, strength and flexibility!

DSC_3481 Sarah.jpg

Floor Flow® ONLINE

Discover the joy of grounded, intentional movement. Developing the knowledge to move well on the floor, rather than in the air, creates a deeper connection between our body to the space around us. The principles learned in this class will easily translate to your pole / aerial training by creating a greater sense of connection of how your body propels itself through space and sense the world around you.
Floor Flow® is a movement experience that connects you to the beauty, fun, and benefits of floorwork.
Expect to learn easy-to-follow, fluid combinations that you can get lost in - while simultaneously enhancing your mobility, control, musicality and expression. Slow down, sense more, then let it all out. Come learn how to transform the floor into your apparatus!
Please wear pants, socks or leg warmers, and cover your back and shoulders (t-shirt is fine). Thin knee pads are highly recommended.
Floor Flow® was lovingly created by Marlo Fisken (@flowmovement).


Pole All Levels - ONLINE

This online, live stream ZOOM class is welcoming to all levels. The focus is placed on cultivating fundamentals; conditioning, flexibility, dance flow and leveling of pole skills. Simpler & more challenging variations will be presented, and you'll play with flow and grace in your movement!



Yoga & Belly Dance - ONLINE

All levels welcome to this intoxicating blend of movement styles! You will play with mindfully moving through yoga postures and movements from belly dance. This movement blend comes together to help you not only condition your body for flexibility and stamina, but to cultivate calm while in stressful situations. You'll discover how to keep your intention in your movement while also challenging yourself with new technique and movement vocabulary. Breathe new life into your other performance and movement skills. This is training, perhaps the most important kind; training yourself to be fully flushed with your purpose while holding space for yourself, your technique, and the gaze of others.


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