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Hydration Tips for a Flexible Body

Updated: Jan 18

“If there is Magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

Loren Eisely

photo by @nikkitanouveau

Are you hydrated, Darling? I'm don't mean just "drinking enough water", but actually giving your body what it needs to properly replenish and flush?

If we are not actually proactive with this, the answer is likely "NO." There are a few simple & fast tips I EMPLORE every dancer or aerialist to embrace - and for anyone wanting to feel, look and move their best. Did I mention it's on the way to gain & maintain BENDY!? Scroll through - numbers 5 & 6 are my favorites!

1 - A great way to start the day: Warm Water FIRST THING!

- Upon awakening, quickly drink a cup of WARM WATER, with 1/2 lemon squeezed into it & DOWN THE HATCH.

- Water first thing in your system will flush & stimulate your system and give you a boost of hydration, while adding a boost of energy!

- No iced or cold water.

- The LEMON has enzymes to stimulate your liver and other digestive functions (use organic whenever possible).

- I use a reusable metal straw to try to get it down quickly!

- Can substitute with an HERBAL TEA (mint, raspberry tea, citrus etc.)

- Do this BEFORE COFFEE & better still - with NO COFFEE.

Oh this brings me to some bad news...

2 - Caffeine is ultimately DEHYDRATING to our athletic bodies.

- Caffeine stimulates a certain stress response in our systems & hormones, and it is a diuretic (causing more urination = dehydration).

- This one can be tough, I know. Take steps to scale it back wherever you can and know small decreases are helpful. The way I was able to do this was consuming the healthier options FIRST, thus feeling more fulfilled and nourished prior to ingesting coffee.

- I now LOVE collecting and exploring really nice, quality, loose leaf teas and enjoying the high potency of flavors & health benefits over the more processed teas.

- GOLDEN MILK is divine tasting and has a lot of turmeric in it - long regarded around the world for its benefits for a flexible and healthy body. I love what Kimberly Snyder has to say about this elixir on her wonderful website full of great tips here.

- Also LOVE Hot CACAO drinks (NOT COCOA) - cacao Is a superfood with all sorts of benefits! Sweetened with stevia or honey, it's a wonderful warming "hot chocolate" - and I enjoy adding a dash of spicy cayenne for a warming energy boost! Cayenne also helps with digestion and other functions.

3 - The body's interpretation of THIRST can often be misconstrued with HUNGER; in other words, HUNGER is often be mistaken for THIRST.

- If you feel yourself as either:

a) hungry for a snack when between full meals

b) tired or droopy during anytime of the day

- Get in the habit of consuming a clean and replenishing fluid FIRST - a second round of lemon water or herbal tea is a good go-to.

4 - Add an electrolyte supplement to clean water, (read the ingredients & steer clear of added junk) and sip it throughout your day - ESPECIALLY on heavy training days!

- Can also drink coconut or watermelon juice, please note not all products are created with a high quality of hydrating components vs added unnecessary sugars/chemicals.

5 - Magnesium at Night - The Unsung Hero.

- Magnesium is essential to muscle function and all sorts of tissue repair. If you have a tendency to gets muscle cramps, (there could be a few things deficient), however a quality & adequate magnesium is ESSENTIAL for overall health (I MEAN IT)!