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Creating a Movement Space for Yourself

Updated: Jan 18, 2023


“In 3 words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life; it goes on.” ~ Robert Frost

Sometimes life is swift, and sweeps us off our feet. So much so that we can feel like we will be spinning out into the universe - and other times we may feel stagnated, stuck or uninspired.

The good news is - having a regular movement practice can provide you grounding & stability, as well as inspiration, and literal movement out of the “stuck” places.

A regular movement practice will be sure to bring so many positive influences! Whether it's dance, running, lifting weights, yoga - all styles are divine.


  • Movement = Exercise - so many benefits to our physical and energetic health.

  • Revitalizes our bodies, mind and spirit - bringing into alignment all parts of ourselves so we FIND CLARITY.

  • Processing through energy - allowing ourselves to let go of the past & metabolize stagnating energy.

  • Discover creativity, inspiration and life-giving energy flowing through your being.

  • Teaching yourself how to CLAIM YOUR SPACE or to SHARE YOUR SPACE - not just "take up space"!

Of course - your heart will go on and the world will go on if you don’t uphold a movement practice. But that would be a shame! Why not feel into your best?

General Rules for designing Your Regular Movement Practice

1 - Be compassionate towards yourself - meaning, speak to yourself with compassion, as you would a dear, young friend.

2 - Determine your WHY - Health? Energy? Creativity? Beauty? Harnessing your creative energy for your own, personal magic?

AND - WHO does your heart want share these things with?

It’s good to have other movers around you.

3 - Create the schedule & space that you can stick to, for a certain amount of time - We succumb to failure at the launch when we say “someday soon” -


  • Let this be very doable at first - although we never want to nail down perfection with our movement practice, we want to start by giving ourselves the platform to excel by finding the sense of accomplishment early.... ONE DAY or ONE SESSION a week is a great way to start - if not 2 - 3 times a week. But if you’re like me - if I don’t get it on the books or have a deadline - things are just so easily missed or talked down.

  • Have an end date! It’s also overwhelming to feel like we are charged to do ANYTHING FOREVER - even if it’s something we love to do. In your plan have a certain week or month timeline, so you can totally reassess your schedule and change your mind as you go.

4 - Stick to it! - Getting a clear plan and getting it on the books is one thing, but sticking to anything throughout the entire duration of the timeline is where our stories and “bumps” really come up - and this is why we want to be compassionate and easier at the beginning.

  • Tell a friend about your ambitions - talk about it, and let them help you stay accountable to your plan and add inspiration - perhaps they want your help on their movement journey!

  • Remember & feel into your WHY.

  • Put it in the calendar WEEKLY - and PUT ALARM/REMINDERS IN YOUR PHONE!


It may come at any time - an impulse, a nudge, a favorite song -- Allow for a quick "minute of movement" or so... have fun!

Tips for finding Movement Space at HOME

This is my favorite place for movement - and definitely at times the most challenging place!

ESPECIALLY WHEN EVERYONE IS HOME-BOUND - I mean, how do you bump your jams and hair whips if you can't get the place quiet and people out (or at least in on the fun)?

1 - Get it on the Schedule - and set a reminder.

  • Let roommates or family know you will be busy for your reasonable set time, and claim that space - whether it’s the living room, your bedroom and yes, even your bathroom or a doorframe are great places for your practice.

2 - Determine THE Space - this is a trickier thing - however know that at the very least, your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen bar chairs - all can be places of creativity throughout the day.

  • Outside is a great place to move! And encourages more strenuous/challenging movements - inside invites more introspection and vulnerability in our movement.

3 - Sanctify the Space - this doesn’t need to be extravagant, and it needs to be nothing at all - personal preference to make your movement space or time more intentional.

  • Light a candle

  • Burn a bit of incense

  • Softer more “mood” lighting

  • Magic Crystals, Darling!

  • Set an image or other physical symbol to bring an energy into the space

  • No music or quiet music

  • Set an intention or say a prayer around your chosen space and time

  • Set an intention or say a prayer, offering your movement magic energy to a purpose higher than the egoic self - feel free to dedicate your beautiful, creative energy to a friend, family, cause, aspiration, idea or ideal.

  • Begin your practice! - I like to have loud music to my movement - if you wear cozy headphones you will be in a world all your own.

“But I have neighbors, and don’t want to be a loud brother!”

How sweet and considerate - and I know your neighbors want you to have your movement practice!

I have been loving the magic of finding quiet, controlled movements as I dance in my apartment - leaning on the wall, door frame, kitchen countertops etc - Slow movement burns deep, and I love dancing lightly, gracefully with soft feet - and I also love moving more excitedly, heavily and aggressively outside or during the daytime hours.

Know that this can look HOWEVER IT WANTS TO LOOK FOR YOU. And remember - the magic is there for you to discover.

What are some other tips you have found?

All my love to you, and love in Movement,


Photo: Nikkita Saulner - Mavens at The Studio Draper
Early Mavens, 2016 @Nikkita Saulnier

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