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Thankfulness In Your Movement

Updated: Jan 18, 2023


It’s a feeling you can find in the stillness, in the spaces. When we can notice appreciation briefly; connecting to the larger part of ourselves -

Or in the recognition of feeling happy, blissful surroundings… These are romantic reflections. Often fleeting, and yet chasing only pushes away -

Truthfully, so much of our energy is expended either in the past - struggling to come to grips with acceptance, or our energy is entangled in future anticipations so that we hold our exhales…

Meaning we have less energy for the opportunities in the time that really matters -

in the now.

When our power is in the deep inhales and exhales - we might recognize we are always becoming anew - replenishing and evolving, and not in the linear trap we orchestrate for ourselves.

Perhaps we soften in comparing ourselves to yesterday, or to who we think we should be today or in the evasive tomorrow; for that is the surest way to halt this good feeling and to hinder healing and expansion -

Luckily we know the surest and easiest way to find appreciation for your body and its capabilities is through your breathing!

This is our starting place.

When we come from this space at the first,

what follows becomes focused and amplified.

So at least before - if not during and after your Movement Practice (dance, yoga, throwing weight around on muscle beach) - find appreciation for the literal ability of your lungs and your body to metabolize the oxygen through your lungs. Then, that your heart moves that oxygen!

This simple step will set “movement” in action -

and allow space for healing and lightening of the body & spirit.

That’s some Movement Magic for you!

With breath and movement, we can facilitate a stronger, more vibrant physical and energetic form - and we know that incorporating a feeling of thankfulness in our movement and body makes all the difference.

This can feel like a hard place to start sometimes. And it’s a valuable conversation to have - So start simply.

Discover more alchemy, Thank the Elements. “Thank You for the air I breathe, the Earth I sit, the Water that fills me, and the Fire that is my spirit within” - feel it in the bones, if only for a moment - and then begin your Movement Practice!

We may find different sensations in our bodies. We may find a certain train of thought.

After All - different is good.

Different reminds us we are adaptable and changeable - never truly fixed.

What will your next mantra be?

With love,


Sarah Child Co-Founder of Moxy

photo: Nikkita Saulnier

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