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Shadow Dance Ceremony

Updated: Jan 18

Please keep in mind that this process should be approached with playfulness and is to be considered with openness and curiosity. The goal is to find more awareness, while moving your body in beneficial ways, always safely and with care.

This process may be a helpful tool to cultivate more clarity, confidence & personal power within your body and attitude.

Please seek professional help immediately for serious trauma;

physical, emotional or any kind.

“Shadow Work” is a modern term, however it was commonly practiced by our ancestors. They understood ways to navigate and use this as a powerful tool in their lives. People were forced into reckoning with these "dark" or "hidden" energies, and for the simple reason that before modern electricity humanity was in a much darker, colder world.

In our modern era we have distanced from this idea - and to these processes.

But what is SHADOW WORK?

Simply, it is uncovering or recognizing our underlying ENERGIES or BELIEFS -

about ourselves and the universe, that are largely unconscious and gathered from life experiences.

Realize that the world is not so much as it seems -

Rather put: our BELIEFS are what make things be revealed to us the way they do.

It is our beliefs that attract, manifest and shape our world.

But let’s get clear - “SHADOW” is not a synonym for “negative”, or “bad.” Just as Darkness is only the contrast to Light - Yin & Yang, Cold & Hot - all of these DUALITIES exist in all in the universe - modern humans included.

Shadow Work IS NOT dwelling in sorrow or focusing only on that which you do not want. Rather, let “Shadow” be another word for “unknown” or “unseen” aspects of

a personality.

Also, looking at Shadow does not mean we are focusing on "negative" things that will attract into our life if we notice them.

Let’s look at it this way - say your car’s “check-engine” light is on.

Do you:

1 - Ignore it - because you think it best to only focus on the “positive” image/idea of what you want?

2 - Wallow, cry and claim defeat because you feel powerless against the implications?

3 - Take it to a professional, get a diagnosis and allow help from others or universe to fix what the issue is?

(Hint - #3 is Shadow Work).

Let’s look, release & REPLACE - for we have permission to change our story anytime.

Do you notice that when you look at your literal shadow - in the sun or against a single source of light - that your shadow does not move unless you do.

Your Shadow does not impose anything against you, or your brilliance -

although it is very "real."

~ Let’s learn to dance with our Shadows. ~

(And Lead).